Papuan Local Content Must Be Included In The Learning Curriculum for Students

Papuan Local Content Must Be Included In The Learning Curriculum for Students

Sakhiyatun K (MaCDIS Researcher)

Papuan culture should be taught in schools through the Local Content subjects (Mulok). The noble values of Papua culture need to be preserved.

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The Provincial Office of Education and Culture encourages local content learning of “The Earth of Cendrawasih” to be included in the school curriculum such as an explanation on the distribution of customary territory and folklore. Head of Value Section and Cultural Laboratory of the Department of Education and Culture of Papua Province Frits Tanati said that as long as the local content is still limited to discourse, it needs to continue to socialize the Local Content of Papua for example through folklore books.

“The mapping or division of customary territories comprising these seven areas should be packaged in a specificity in order to be known to the people,” she said. According to Frits, the values contained in indigenous peoples are unique so that if collected together and then packaged in a book or local content, can re-establish traditions and be restored as a knowledge for the community.

“For example, more people know that the division of the customs territory consists of only five, whereas there are seven including the West Papua Province,” she said. She explained that the mapping of a customs territory is included in the local content and taught to the students, hence the community, especially the younger generation, can understand the genealogy and specificity of Papua. “For that, the small thing that has been attempted by related institutions is to keep reminding the customs and traditions of Papuans through folklore compiled into books and other documentation,” she said.

She said that Noken, Tifa, and dance of Yosim Pancar which has now been recognized as a cultural heritage, especially by UNESCO (UN Agency for Education, Science, and Culture) for Noken, is one step to maintain and preserve the cultural values of Papua. (

Papua culture is very rich and diverse. There are hundreds of tribes with their own cultures that show their own peculiarities. In order for the existence of culture is maintained, then the next generation and successor to the nation’s struggle should be instilled a sense of love for local culture, especially in the region.

One way that can be taken in school is by integrating the values of local cultural wisdom in the process of learning, extracurricular, or student activities at school. For example by applying optimally Character of Education Based on Local Culture Wisdom. In addition, extracurricular activities based on local culture are expected to be held in schools, such as the race of wicker Noken, fairy tales using the mother tongue, making a bow and so on.


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