Papua Development Exhibition Week 2017

Papua Development Exhibition Week 2017

On 21-25 November 2017, the Provincial Government of Papua conducted the Papua Development Exhibition Week. The exhibition showed the achievements of the development of each Local Government Work Unit (SKPD) in Papua over the past four years. This exhibition was intended as a form of transparency of Papua’s development as well as invite the community to participate in development

Photo: Papua Provincial Government

On 21-25 November 2017, the provincial government of Papua conducted the Papua Development Exhibition Week. The exhibition showed the development achievements of each Local Government Work Unit (SKPD) in Papua over the past four years. The exhibition was aimed to inform the public regarding the achievements of all SKPD throughout Papua. Videotron was also installed to complement the Papua Development Expo.

In addition, the community can also provide input for improving development in Papua in the future. “If there is anything that are lacking, they [citizen of Papua] can also give opinions and views. Hence there will be a talk show on the sidelines of the exhibition. The goal is for people to give their input and criticism towards the government. That way, there is an interaction between the community and the government to improve our shortcomings in the future.” Said Assistant Secretary of Economic and People’s Welfare of Papua Province Secretary, Elia Loupatty (Papua Province Government 2017).

Since opened on November 21, the number of visitors to the exhibition has reached three thousand people per day. “This shows people enthusiasm to find out about Papua’s development achievements is very high.” Said Muhammad Musa’ad (Government of Papua Province, 2017)

“Building Papua for Indonesia” was chosen as the theme of the Development Fair which was officially opened by the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe. The exhibition was not only followed by SKPD, but also by non-government organizations, such as World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Indonesia; an international non-governmental organization that handles conservation and environmental restoration issues.

At the exhibition, WWF showcased the results of forest timber management by indigenous peoples from the Yapen Islands and Sarmi districts. Besides exhibiting the results of indigenous timber management, WWF also explained other programs such as the development of eco-tourism birdwatching and eucalyptus oil product managed by indigenous peoples in Wasior National Park. (WWF, 2017)

Photo: WWF Indonesia

According to WWF, community involvement in nature conservation and efforts to meet economic needs is the participation of indigenous peoples contributing to the sustainable development in Papua.

Sharing the result of development conducted by the government is important to support government transparency while promoting good governance values. With this exhibition, the community would get involved in guarding the course of development, as well as witnessing the success of development in Papua.

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