The Local Government Build the Abreso airport in Manokwari

The Local Government Build the Abreso airport in Manokwari

South Manokwari Regent, Markus Waran, said that the government will start to build of Abresso Ransiki Airport, South Manokwari District, West Papua in 2017.

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Markus Waran said that the government will build the landing strip of the airport along 3,000 meters. He explained that the construction of Abresso Airport would encourage connectivity between South Manokwari and other areas by the air transportation. As a transit airport, the airport will connect South Manokwari, Bintuni Bay, Arfak Mountains, and other areas in Papua and West Papua.

“We have granted 600 hectares of land for airport development, which there will be two terminals, for cargo will use the old airport, other will be built for the main airport,” he said. He added that the landing strip at the new airport could be done from the south and north.[1]


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The airport is expected to overcome the air transportation problems in West Papua, especially South Manokwari. This was stated by Vice Chairman of House Commission V Michael Wattimena during the groundbreaking ceremony of the construction of Abreso Airport. According to him, Manokwari Rendani Airport still has many shortcomings and is often constrained when the plane take off and landing.

The constraint of take-off and landing at Rendani Airport in Manokwari greatly impacted to the flight time. If a problem occurs, take off and landing air travel is transferred to Sorong or Biak which takes a long time. He believes, the Abreso Airport can unravel the accumulation of passengers at Rendani Airport.

South Manokwari Regent Markus Waran explained that the development of Abreso Airport is a local government initiative. He wants Abreso Airport can answer the inter-regional connectivity gap in Manokwari Raya.

“From Bintuni, Arfak Mountains, and Wondama to the capital of Manokwari Province will pass through South Manokwari regency. We hope that with some infrastructure we will build, especially for airports, can answer the needs and gaps in air transportation, “said Markus Waran.[2]

The area of Manokwari Raya has great potential natural resources. Infrastructure, especially transportation is still obstacles. Manokwari has the potential of tourism, agriculture and plantation, mining, culture, and others.[3]

Sakhiyatun K (MACDIS Researcher)

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