Jayapura City, Papua Designated as a Pilot Project of TPS 3R

Jayapura City, Papua Designated as a Pilot Project of TPS 3R

Sakhiyatun K (MaCDIS Researcher)

Jayapura City was designated as one of the pilot programs of community-based Reduce Reuse Recycle Management (TPS 3R) development program by Ministry of Public Works and People’s Housing (PUPR).

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On the handling of garbage and greening the environment in Tanjung Ria Dok IX, Jayapura City, Monday (27/11/17), was attended by Dir. Stewardship of Water Resources Ministry of PUPR RI Dr. Agus Suprapto K.

Head of Public Works and Spatial Department of Papua Province, Djuli Mambaya said the development of community-based 3R TPS is a pattern of approach to waste management by involving active role and empowerment of community capacity including for low-income people. He explained that the approach is emphasized on more environmentally friendly waste reduction methods.

Reductions by 3R community based 3R methods emphasize reductions in utilization and management from sources (households, commercial areas, and offices). “To achieve this requires the awareness and active role of the community by making organic waste holes,” he explained.

Djuli Mambaya hopes that through the provision of TPS 3R, it can improve the integrated management pattern by prioritizing the 3R concept, improving the process of community empowerment in waste management from the source and improving the quality of cleanliness of the housing environment through integrated community-based waste management and preventing disasters caused by garbage. “Waste reduction includes restrictions on waste dumping, recycling of waste and reuse of waste,” he said.

Djuli added that flooding in Papua especially in Jayapura City is mostly caused by the landslide that filled the drainage. “However, garbage is not a problem anymore. Jayapura City has received several Adipura trophies,” said Djuli Mambaya.

Nurmawati, Ardipura residents, Jayapura City said that waste management needs commitment, although now there are rules that prohibit the disposal of any garbage. “But there are still people who throw garbage carelessly,” said Nurmawati. The Reduce Reuse Recycle Waste Management Site (TPS 3R) in Jayapura is expected to build awareness of the community’s mindset on waste management.

The waste handling and reforestation activities in the disaster mitigation movement are the 72nd days of the PU Bhakti, which is celebrated every December 3rd.


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Kota Jayapura Ditetapkan Sebagai Pilot Project TPS 3R, http://www.wartaplus.com/kota-jayapura-ditetapkan-sebagai-pilot-project-tps-3r/

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