Indigenous Papuans Rejected Papuan Independence Petition Initiated by Benny Wenda

Indigenous Papuans Rejected Papuan Independence Petition Initiated by Benny Wenda

Sakhiyatun K (MaCDIS Researcher)

The United Liberation Movement For West Papua (ULMWP), one of a group of separatist movements led by Benny Wenda who settled in Britain, was raising an online petition on the website for Papuan independence. After they failing to raise an online petition for Papuan independence, they began to share the petitions manually.

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A number of Papuan people rejected the petition. They stated emphatically that Papua was finalized as part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). The rejection of indigenous Papuans for the petition was held on the border between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, precisely in Kampung Skowpro Keeroom, approximately 200 meters from OPM Viktoria Papua New Guinea Office.

“We reject all OPM activities, including the creation of an online petition for Papuan independence, because Papua is a legitimate and recognized as a part of NKRI by the world,” said Herman Yoku, a former OPM activist, while leading dozens of residents staged opposing Papuan independence petition. The people of Papua, he said, no longer want the promises of a separatist group (OPM) about Papuan independence. “All we want is the development for Papua, not the vague and endless promises,” he said. He also asked no more groups in the name of the people of Papua to voice the independence of Papua. The people of Papua, he said, are the people of Indonesia.

Soleman Krom, a local resident who lives in Papua New Guinea for a long time and has returned to Indonesia, said that the Papuan people only want development and no longer thought of independence. “So, if anyone claims that the Papuan people want independence, that’s just a handful of people claiming in the name of the OPM, but in fact, all the Papuans recognize that Papua is parts of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, and we only want development for Papua,” he said.

He also stated that the Papuan people rejected an online petition initiated by Benny Wenda in Britain to seek support for Papuan independence. “Do not sell us, these people for foreign parties, but we do not know anything. If you care about Papua, let’s go home and build Papua.”

Yakub Kamar, a resident of Skowpro, argues similarly. The desired thing for Papua is development, not the others. “We only want our village to be built, we have no more thoughts for independence, decades of thought, the result was zero, not proven,” he said. The action participants also appealed to the entire Papuan people not to follow the invitation to sign the petition, because if it is signed just like mortgaging Papua to the international world.

Benny Wenda, a Papuan separatist fighter who now lives in Britain, is considered a betrayer by the Papuan people since Benny Wenda has opened up opportunities for foreign countries to re-colonize Papua.

Bernard, a leader of Skowpro, said: “Benny Wenda has hurt the people of Papua, indirectly Benny Wenda has opened up new model colonialism opportunities to enter Papua”. “It is undeniable that every country that supports the petition will ask for repayment to Papua. We, as a Papuans will only be slaves, stop Pa’ce Benny Wenda, do not torture us!”, he added.


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