Indigenous Papuan Leaders Rejected December 1 as a Papuan Independence Day

Indigenous Papuan Leaders Rejected December 1 as a Papuan Independence Day

Sakhiyatun K (MaCDIS Researcher)

The indigenous Papuan leaders in Jayapura district firmly stated that they rejected the opinion of a few people who called December 1 as the independence day of the Papuan nation, because history has noted that Papua has become an integral part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

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Indigenous Papuans through his statement stated several things, among others refusing decisively December 1 as the Independence Day of the Nation of Papua or the day of TPN-OPM, and declaring that on May 1, 1963, as the “Day of West Irian’s return” to the motherland of NKRI and it should be applied as a holiday for all of Papua. “We strongly reject all the activities of political groups, armed groups, and non-NKRI mass organizations aimed at divisive and destroying our sense of brotherhood of the people of Papua and the Indonesian nation. We must remember the history of the nation, that Papua is part of Indonesia that has been championed by all the nation’s heroes of various tribes, races, religions, and languages. During this time, various groups and organizations that are not pro-NKRI have lied and provocation to the people of Papua to support Papua separated from Indonesia. They poisoned the people of Papua with the reason of Papua will be more advanced and prosperous if Papua established its own country. This is the deceitfulness of the group that wants to control Papua, “said Chairman of the Red and White Line of Papua, Ramses Ohee in a press conference at the Hall of Yahya Sentani on Tuesday (28/11/17).

Ramses on behalf of indigenous Papuans, asks all separatists from political groups and armed groups to stop all actions or demonstrations for Papuan independence because the action of this assault can not prosper the Papuans and only cause disunity for the Indonesian nation as well as the Papuan people on this land. “Let us build Papua land into a fertile land, prosperous and peaceful land for our future generations, for our children and grandchildren of Papuan society,” he added.

In the same place, the Chairman of the Indigenous Peoples Institute (LMA) of Jayapura District, Marthinus Maware, SH conveyed that his party condemns all forms of religious politicization and OPM OPN violent ways that have created the situation in various areas of Papua to be unfavorable. The current political dynamics tend to use religion as a means of achieving political goals, thus destroying religion as sacred, good, just and peaceful. “Religion should be able to purify the political world and not otherwise make politics look dirty and uncivilized,” said Maware.

Ondoafi Kampung Putali, Monim, asks all parties, especially to former combatants, community leaders, religious leaders, indigenous stakeholders, Papuan youth, and women to work together to combat separatist groups who want to harm Papuan people under the pretext of independence and prosperity deceit of separatist and political groups that harm society. “We as the people of Papua should be grateful for what God gives to us in the form of natural resources, and in the framework of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia we are knitting the love of building togetherness toward the life of the nation and the peaceful state as a form of our unity,” he said.


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