Empowerment the Indigenous People of West Papua Program id

Empowerment the Indigenous People of West Papua Program

More than 2000 people in West Papua participated the program called ‘Papua Indigenous Peoples Empowerment’ (PIPE). This program held by West Papua Government collaborated with International Labor Organization (ILO) to increase West Papuan skill in order to eradicate poverty.

Source: ILO

In 2005 to 2008, West Papua Government collaborated with International Labor Organization (ILO) held the program called Papua Indigenous Peoples Empowerment’’ (PIPE). The goal of this program is to help to achieve the people’s self-support in order to decrease poverty. This program is held through facilitating the training activities to increase people skill, which useful for more effective and efficient work suitable for their livelihood.

The material, infrastructure, and facilities which support this program were provided by ILO and West Papua Government and given to the partner community organization to ensure the sustainability of training. This program also promotes the gender equality and strengthen the development program which integrated into the employment program. This program is mirroring the Central Government development priority, “National Program of Decent Work for Indonesia,” which try to provide the employment in order to eradicate poverty

According to ILO, This project designed with six-step first established an institutional framework. Second, a survey in the society. Third, prepared action plan to decrease poverty. Fourth, implemented the action plan. Fifth, evaluated the program. Sixt attributed the community’s experience in framing the policy.

After the program is implemented, more than 2000 people in 4 locations (Muara Tami and Kemtuk Gresi Regency, Papua Province; Tanah Rubuh and Kebar Regency, Papua Barat Province) are now practicing their own skills to add their income. They established the livelihood supporting mechanism like common facilities which they can use to support their works. This program also raises people’s awareness, that people, through the cultural non-governmental organization, should contribute in and manage their own development process.

Next achievement is that although life in the patriarchy social-cultural, there were so many women participated in this program, especially in providing the employment. The group which all member is women emerging in economic activity, like vegetable production, fruit processing, and micro-entrepreneurship. Women have been given chances to be a facilitator in developing the society and settle the structure organization

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By: Zuraida, S (Researcher, MaCDIS)


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