Cultural Community Boycott West Papua Separatist Movement

Cultural Community Boycott West Papua Separatist Movement

Cultural community in West Papua has agreed to reject the existence of West Papua Separatist Movement. It is expressed by burning the symbols of separatist movement and their support to the Government of Indonesia

West Papua Separatist Movement stated every time in their action that they represent the aspiration of West Papuan. They always say that independence is what West Papuan wanted the most. However, in reality, a separatist group like Papua Independence Organization (OPM), National Committee for West Papua (KNPB), Federation Republic of West Papua (NRFPB), and United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) is not being welcomed.


Source: Regional Military Command Cendrawasih, 2014

On February 2014, coordination meeting among the West Papua government, Indonesian police and the cultural community West Papua held at Puncak Jaya district. The coordination meeting was made to respond the security matter caused by the Separatist Group. In that occasion, the cultural community and West Papua Government agree to banish the existence of the armed-separatist group in West Papua who has the responsibility of the criminal acts in West Papua. The cultural community also urged the government to do further investigation to the armed-separatist group in order to prevent criminal activity by them.

The rejection towards the Papua separatist group continuously expressed. On May 2016, Chairman of Red-White Front West Papua Central Mountain region, Salon Walilo urged the security forces to eliminate KNPB and OPM, “What we want is peace and serenity, along with the development in the inland area. For that, some parties who disrupt the peacefulness in West Papua, like KNPB and OPM should be eradicated by the government.” To express their dislike, they went to the extent of burning the flag of the morning star and KNPB flag which the symbol of Papua Separatist movement.

Next, in July 2017 Chairman of Sentani Community Culture Body who is the head of five tribes, Martinus Maware also stated that he refuse the existence of separatist movement, both OPM and NRFPB. “We, as a head of Tabi tribe refuse it strictly. We also ask the separatist group, like NRFPB and OPM not to provoke the West Papua. I, as a chief of the tribe also suggest the West Papuan to always support the development in West Papua.”

Boy Eluay (the first son of Theys Eluay, special autonomy activist) noted that he fully supports Indonesian Government. He said that some parties who want to separate West Papua from Indonesia are only looking for the personal benefit from the resources in West Papua. For that, he asks all West Papuan to bring the development in West Papua into success. He also thanked President Jokowi who has been accelerating the development in West Papua.

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