Bank of Indonesia will Help to Marketing The Papuan Original Coffee

Bank of Indonesia will Help to Marketing The Papuan Original Coffee

Sakhiyatun K (MaCDIS Researcher)

Bank Indonesia (BI) Papua Province will assist Papua’s coffee marketing whose quality is considered good enough compared to other regions.

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“So we are coordinating with Papua provincial government to develop coffee plantation in Dogiai. While indeed we help the production equipment, we will also connect the marketing,” said the head of the Office of the BI Representative of Papua Joko Supratikto.

He saw the public interest to consume coffee, especially in coffee shops, continue to increase so there be an opportunity to market coffee from Papua. “Papua is one of the best coffee producers. In Salatiga there are many coffee shops, I see there is no Papuan coffee yet. I will try to offer them to use Papuan coffee. This is one of our efforts to help introduce Papua coffee” he said. Joko explained, as the first step, the volume of Papua coffee that will be marketed is not too big, but if the market response is good enough does not rule out the possibility that the amount will continue to be added on demand.

Because we are a coffee producing region with good quality, we also have coached in Dogiai Regency, which we will develop continuously, “he added. Coffee is one of the original commodities of Papua whose potential is good enough to be exported immediately. (

Based on data from the Provincial Plantation Office of Papua, there are 16 coffee farmers in Papua spread over Jayawijaya, Tolikara, Lanny Jaya, Bintang Mountains and Dogiyai districts. Dogiyai Regency has 10 sub-districts which all have potential coffee, but the production is not maximum. Currently, the processing of coffee in Dogiyai is still traditional. The machines such as the pounding machine used were still remaining Dutch relics and there has been no rejuvenation. The process of drying and peeling the skin of coffee is still manual. coffee is also roasted with stove and pounded. The coffee plantation in Dogiyai Regency is a Dutch missionary plantation in the 1890s. In that era, most of the Dogiyai people were coffee farmers.

Meanwhile, Trade Minister Thomas Trikasih Lembong said that the province of Papua holds world-class coffee potential. Papua is one of the most popular coffee producing regions in Indonesia, besides Gayo, Mandailing, Java, Toraja, Sumatra, and Sulawesi. He hopes that this original Papuan coffee will become the pride of the people of Papua and become a commodity that can improve the welfare of the people of Papua. The Papua original coffee in the next few decades will have dozens of Single Origins, and for that, we need clear vision and mission from coffee entrepreneurs, especially from the existing business entity in The Land of Papua to develop the potential of Papua coffee.


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